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The Gladiator Bracelet - Silver

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    Inspired from the fierce warriors of ancient Rome. This bracelet features a majestic gladiator helm that is in beautiful silver color, decorated with ornaments and CZ diamonds.

    The silver charms are combined with lava stones, giving the bracelet a rough yet elegant feel, much like the lives of gladiators themselves.

    Comes in our premium packaging.

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Size Guide
size chart

To ensure a perfect fit, follow the simple instructions below carefully.

1. Measure your wrist tightly using a measuring tape.
2. Round the measurement to the nearest whole number. That is the size of the bracelet to order.

For more detailed instructions and a printable measuring tape read our article how to measure your wrist size.

Our macrame bracelets only come in one size as their size is adjustable by pulling on the ropes.

All of our size options are based on wrist sizes.