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About us

  marssos about us


As the name of our brand (Marssos) suggests, it is inspired from the planet Mars. Our intention is to bring something new to the bracelet market while keeping the prices affordable, shipping free and quality high. Something so good and different as if it was from another planet. Our designs are influenced from space (the future), but space and the future are closely connected to the past and present.
Thus, we have divided our designs into three main categories: History (the past), Nature (the present) and Space (the future). There is something for everybody.


Each and every bracelet we offer is unique in its own way and has a meaning to the one who wears it. We are tired of bracelets that look the same and lack meaning. We want them to look out of this world. They are designed in a way that when worn, they actually have an effect on you, emotionally.

Because of that, You need to pick out your bracelets by thinking deep about your personality and goals. Whether you want to remember the wisdom of the past, enjoy the beauty of the present or be empowered by the excitement of the future.

The  History Collection features bracelets made using ancient techniques and beliefs and showcases brave heroes and legends.
The Nature Collection features bracelets inspired from nature and showcases wild beasts.
The  Space Collection features styles inspired from the outer space and inspires the beholder to reach for the stars.

All of our designs use only natural stones and leather, we are not big fans of plastic. And almost all of our designs use stainless steel for the charms. Why? It is used in spaceships for its ultimate durability in harsh environments, it is not toxic for the skin as brass and different alloys are. It has a beautiful silver color and the plating on stainless steel does not fade.

Our designs are made using the wisdom of the past, the beauty of the present and the advanced materials, quality and inspiration of the future. That’s the way of Marssos.


The thing is, bracelets don't need to be as expensive as most stores make them to be, because they can. We try to be affordable for everyone. By using efficient manufacturing techniques and being innovative, we can keep the price low.

We also believe in free shipping. Nobody wants to be greeted by a £10 extra shipping charge on the checkout screen after spending a long time entering their address and details. That’s just rude.
All of our bracelets come with free shipping and no unpleasant surprises!

Our plan is to bring an end to over-priced, meaningless jewellery while improving the quality, packaging, community – everything.
This is the mission of Marssos. If you appreciate it, why not join our community?
Size Guide
size chart

We have put careful thought into the sizes of the bracelets. They are made not to be too tight nor too loose around the wrist. Wearing your bracelet should be a comfortable, seamless experience and still be a perfect fit on hot days when your wrist is swollen and a bit larger than usual. However, it should not be as loose to fall off when you are being active, such as doing sport etc.

To ensure a perfect fit, follow the simple instructions below carefully.

Measure your wrist  tightly using a measuring tape. Round the number you get up or down to the nearest whole number. That is the size of the bracelet to order.

All of our sizes are based on wrist sizes.


Bracelet Type

Size Guide

Natural Stone Bracelets

+/- 1cm difference is okay. All of our Gemstone Bracelets are stretchy.

Leather Bracelets

+ 1cm difference is okay. Leather Bracelets should fit as accurately as possible. They are not adjustable. Order rather  bigger than smaller.

Macrame Bracelets

Macrame Bracelets are adjustable in size. They are designed in a way to fit the smallest and the biggest wrist size. No need to measure your wrist.