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The Heracles Bracelet

  • As you may have guessed, this bracelet is inspired from the famous hero of Greek mythology - Heracles.
    We have chosen hematite gemstones, which is a mineral form of iron oxide, thus seen as a representation of enormous strength.

    It was believed that hematite was formed from the battlefields of fallen soldiers, giving it a rather poetic meaning when associated with Heracles.

    Comes in our Premium Packaging.

What size to order?
Wrist Size

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Size Guide
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We have put careful thought into the sizes of the bracelets. They are made not to be too tight nor too loose around the wrist. Wearing your bracelet should be a comfortable, seamless experience and still be a perfect fit on hot days when your wrist is swollen and a bit larger than usual. However, it should not be as loose to fall off when you are being active, such as doing sport etc.

To ensure a perfect fit, follow the simple instructions below carefully.

Measure your wrist  tightly using a measuring tape. Round the number you get up or down to the nearest whole number. That is the size of the bracelet to order.

For more detailed instructions and a printable measuring tape read our article how to measure your wrist size.

All of our sizes are based on wrist sizes.


Bracelet Type

Size Guide

Natural Stone Bracelets

+/- 1cm difference is okay. All of our Gemstone Bracelets are stretchy.

Leather Bracelets

+ 1cm difference is okay. Leather Bracelets should fit as accurately as possible. They are not adjustable. Order rather  bigger than smaller.

Macrame Bracelets

Macrame Bracelets are adjustable in size. They are designed in a way to fit the smallest and the biggest wrist size. No need to measure your wrist.