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March 02, 2018 1 min read 2 Comments

There are a lot of exciting updates coming to Marssos. We are planning to release a new premium collection - Nature. This will be the finishing touch to our brand's image. All of our designs are inspired from the past, present or future. We will also release new designs to our Premium History collection - something many of you have been waiting for.

And the best news? All of that is expected to happen next month.

Enter The Giveaway

Firstly, you can enter the 75K giveaway by following the instructions on this instagram post. We'll be giving away free bracelets to the winners. Good Luck!

See the post here!

More plans and updates 

As already mentioned, in April we will launch a brand new collection - The Premium Nature collection. We will also introduce new and amazing designs to our Premium History collection.

We will introduce an improved version of free shipping and many more additional shipping options.

There are also plans to start introducing our bracelets to many different retail stores across the world so that we can reach as many of you as possible!

We will also make small adjustment to our website and work on reducing our customer service response times even more, all for a better user experience.

Stay tuned for new designs and exciting updates!

Thank you for your support, let's keep going! 🎉

2 Responses

Woong Hwang
Woong Hwang

March 03, 2018

I always look forward to new things.

Fabian Malinowski
Fabian Malinowski

March 03, 2018

i want won :)

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